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Bukovel Fitness and Health Centre

The recommended physical activity guidelines from a range of expert bodies (including the National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence in the UK and the American College of Sports Medicine) suggest that to improve your health, you should build up to being physically active at a moderate intensity for 30 minutes, five days a week.

A little goes a long way. The key message to take home is that any physical activity, no matter how small, is better than none.

We're increasingly living in a world where physical activity has been taken out of our lives. We have domestic appliances to wash and dry for us, cars to transport us and desks at which to sit and work or study.

One of the first lessons we learn at school is to 'sit still' - and we see nothing unusual in spending hours sitting or lying down while pictures move on a box in front of us.

Given these huge societal and cultural influences that have stopped us from moving, any physical activity is a health gain. There isn't a magic amount of exercise you need to do to get a benefit, the key is to make an effort and persevere. As soon as you move, you win!

Bukovel Ski Resort has a very well equipped fitness centre offering a full range of modern equipment.

Starting from 2008 Bukovel will be able provide cure and recovery to people with problems of support motor apparatus, gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract. Besides, everyone can take Wellness and SPA treatment (body care courses), which help to improve the general state of organism, physical shape and what is the most importanыt – to improve the general state of health and mood.

Below you can find more detailed information about the equipment of our medical centre and its functions:
Ultrasonic diagnostics apparatus of the new generation. It helps to exactly diagnose and prevent the illness. At present time this class of equipment can be found only in several leading clinics of Ukraine.

Clinical laboratory. It can make the blood analysis or the urine analysis with the help of computer analyzer in no time. Provides the extremely high adequacy of analysis and high speed of results.

the fitness centre also has very comfortable sofas and armchairs throughout

Computerized tractional table (TRITON) - equipment that at present helps to treat all the spine and joint diseases, to rehabilitate and recuperate the moving functions of extremities. Treatment of intercostal hernia without surgical operation. Prevention and prophylaxis of spine diseases.
Stretching system TRITON provides stretching and mobilization of skeleton tissues and thews. Indications for use of equipment:

  • disk slips;
  • disk hernias;
  • degenerate disk arthrosis;
  • acute disk diseases;
  • nerve-ending pain;
  • prolapse of disks;
  • nerve-ending pinches;
  • hypo-mobility;
  • joint pains;
  • disks pathology;
  • rehabilitation after compression spine fractures;
  • infantile scoliosis

    Computerized table (TRITON) enables the stepwise spine stretching with the maximum load up to 90 kg. This apparatus is equipped with the reverse myography – it can read the electric potential of muscles and send it to computer.

  • the fitness centre at Bukovel is housed in a lovely traditional wooden building
    all the gym equipment in the fitness centre is very modern

    Body wrapping with unique microionized seaweeds, green tae, chocolate, cranberries, citrus plants, grapes and spices. These procedures give the surpassing anti-aging and curative effect.

    LPG M6 KeyModule – apparatus for treatment of thews and conjunctive tissues

    • recovery of muscle tissues;
    • treatment of fibrosis, muscles swelling;
    • recovery of normal moving function of thews;
    • cellulitis, ski sprains, varicose veins;
    • muscle warming up before competitions, recovery after physical stress;
    • general state of health improving, oxygenation of muscles;
    • muscle relaxation, stress relaxation.

    Bukovel has a fully equipped gymnasium
    Fully qualified staff are available to assist you with your workout programme

    Multifunctional hydro massage baths. During the course of treatment they use ozone, essences, sea salts and other medicinal substances for health improving and prophylaxis of various diseases.
    Hydrocolonography - course that helps to provide the detoxication of organism and excretement
    Body lufra-massage with maris sal, coffee, green tea, cocoa, citrus plans, rose, cranberry, grape seeds, cinnamon. These procedures increase the blood flow in tissues, stimulate the excretion of water and subsutis thus making the deep cleansing of the skin.
    Non-injection therapy - is among the most painless effective procedures for rejuvenation. This method of administring bioactive or medical substances into the deep layers of the skin is based on the principle of administering pharmaceuticals with the help of ultrasonic oxygen blast. This blast itself is extremely effective (massage and saturation with oxygen). Regularly taking this treatment you quickly eliminate wrinkles, pigment spots, blackheads, dry skin and other defects.
    Oxygen cocktails - apparatus that makes different drinks on the basis of natural, fresh juices enriched with oxygen.

    The gymnasium and fitness centre is available at an extra small charge

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