snow skiing in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine
Ski Bukovel
snow boarding in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine

Children's Skiing and Entertainment

The children’s playground at Bukovel is the best place for little "future skiers". Together with their new friends they ride the ski roundabout, safely and quickly rise with the "magic path" on a launching pad and rush off downwards without any fear. A variety of slopes and joyful games near the beginner lift will make training, entertaining and easy.

Having mastered the technique "plough" and confidently improving their skills, lesson by lesson on the children’s playground your child enters the next level of training, dealing with the "adult" slopes.

Due to the professional and friendly care of your children on the playground, parents can easily go off skiing without having to worry about their children. Conditions
a) Children under 12 years old who have paid instructor’s lessons can attend the children’s playground

b) The use of chairlifts, situated outside the playground, is possible for the additional payment on general rules. Group lessons rates for children on the playground (from 4 till 12 years old)

children are most welcome at Bukovel

Kids snow club at bukovel
bukovel welcomes children

tuition is available for the kids
whilst you are out on the slopes allow Bukovel staff amuse your children
bukovel offers great fun for the kids

Families with children are most welcome at Bukovel Ski Resort.

Now this is the life. I sit and you pull
who says we have to ski? Lets play instead

Children's Entertainment Centre
The resort has a children's entertainment centre located near lift #2 in the heart of the resort.

Who's having fun in the snow then? Such a smiley girl
"Ok Mum - Enough of this kid's stuff, I'm off to the big slopes"
"Come on Dad - Hurry up, lets get going"

Don't look at it dear - ski around it
Now this is the life - round and round we go. The Winter Olmpics next time!

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