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Kiev and Lviv Short Breaks

If you are travelling from abroad then we would like to highly recommend that you stay a few days in either Kiev or in Lviv and if time is on your side then why not visit both of these 2 wonderful citys. Both citys offer a huge amount to do and see. Kiev is nicknamed "The Mother Of All Citys"

Kiev Short Breaks

Kiev is one of the biggest cities in Europe. It is a bustling capital of independent Ukraine, its administrative, economic, scientific, cultural and educational center. This scenic city with population of over 3 million people is located on the shores of the Dnepr River.

Kiev is a city of invaluable historical and cultural monuments, a city of great events and outstanding people. Everyone will find there something especially interesting for themselves.
The art and architecture of Kiev are considered world treasures. Many famous artists, poets and writers estimated the unique beauty of this city. The most renowned landmarks include: Cathedral of St. Sophia with outstanding mosaics and frescoes dating back to the 11th century; Kievo-Percherskaya Lavra featuring several monasteries and cathedrals; Golden Gate of Kiev, which date back to 1037; Ukrainian Baroque Church of St. Andrew; the magnificent 19th-century Cathedral of St. Vladimir; and many other attractions.

Kiev is often referred to as "the mother of all cities" by Russians and Ukrainians. In the historical center of Kiev you can feel the spirit of the past everywhere.
Kiev is distinguished for its rich cultural life. Theatre lovers will find many theatres offering various theatrical programmes. Most performances are held in Ukrainian or Russian. The recently renovated Kiev Opera House presents very good opera as well as a broad repertoire of ballets. Ivan Franko Theatre is a centre of Ukrainian drama, comedy, and musicals. A lot of various exhibitions are carried out in the city's numerous museums and art galleries.

Kiev is also a scientific and educational center of independent Ukraine. Various universities and science academies including famous Kiev-Mogilyanskaya Academy, which is one of the first scientific establishments in Eastern Europe, are located there.
Being the largest city of Ukraine, Kiev is a leading industrial and commercial centre of the country. Kiev's major industries include: food processing (especially processing of beet sugar), metallurgy, manufacture of machinery, machine tools, rolling stock, chemicals, building materials, and textiles. The development of Ukrainian economy gave impulse to business activity of the city. There are a lot of new office centers, banks, trade exhibition centers and other commercial enterprises appearing in the city nowadays.

Take a walk through the ancient streets of this scenic city, feel its unique beauty and the spirit of its past. For sure your stay in Kiev will become one of your most memorable experiences.

Kiev's nightlife is absolutele awesome with something to do for everyone.

Independence Square Kiev
Kiev Cathedral

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Lviv Short Breaks

Located in hill country on the banks of the Poltva river, near the border with Poland, Lviv or also knownn as Lvov is one of a select group of cities on the UNESCO World Heritage List. With a population over 700,000, Lviv is the transportation and cultural centre of northwestern Ukraine. Lviv was founded in 1256, and named after the son of its king. As it grew, it gained some degree of autonomy within the controlling empires. In the last century, Lviv was a battleground during both World Wars, suffering as armies from the east and from the west fought battles in the region.During World War II, the Nazis created the Lviv Ghetto, housing about 120,000 Jews. Virtually all were killed. Simon Wiesenthal, the noted Nazi hunter, was one of the few who survived .Nine railways lines, both regional and international, serve Lviv.

Culture - Lviv's historic churches, buildings and relics date back to the 13th century. Its architecture reflects a composite of European styles and historical periods.While most of its gothic architecture was destroyed by fire in the 16th century, there are numerous buildings constructed in the renaissance, baroque, and classic styles.

There are many museums and art galleries in Lviv. The most notable are the National Gallery, the Museum of Religion, and the National Museum. With three major universities, and over 50 research institutes and colleges, Lviv is one of the most important education centres of Ukraine.
Tourist Attractions - include : The Old Town, The Black House, Armenian Cathedral, St Yura Cathedral, Dominican Abbey, and The Opera House

With so much history and with so much to see Lviv certainly is a city worth visiting.

Lviv Cathedral

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Short Breaks To Kiev and Lviv