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Kolyba Traditional Restaurant

From the ancient times, immediately after the young sappy grass had appeared in the mountains, the shepherds depastured their sheep and lived in the pastures during summer. They slept by the fire and worked in the eight-corner wooden house with the fire place in the middle, where the smoke came out through the outlet of the impetuous roof.

The shepherds milked sheep, made cheese, cooked porridge out of corn meal on a sour cream. In some time shepherds’ houses turned into houses of traditional form and functioned as pot-houses in gutsuls (national ethnic group) villages. There the same porridge – “banush” – with cheese made of sheep milk – “brynza”; potato pancakes fried with cracklings; meet, baked in pots; ceps in sour cream; according to the season – raspberries, gathered in the mountains; blackberries; bilberries and many other things are served here.

Once you have reached the peaks of the mountains at Bukovel why not visit a Kolyba traditional restaurant. The chefs will prepare for you delicious local traditional dishes and supply you with hot mugs of tea made from Carpathian herbage.

Kolyba Restaurant at Bukovel


Bukovel Fastfood Kiosks

Fast food kiosks Bukovel

Everybody knows how hungry we get in the pure, fresh mountain air. To supplement your energy reserves and rather than waste your time off the slopes, we recommend that you visit the fast food sales outlets “Obzhora”. They are situated by the double and 4-passenger chairlifts. Hot sandwich, fried grill sausage and pomes frittes with natural broth will appease your hunger and give you extra energy to conquer new snow-covered slopes. A mulled wine, vodka or cognac, black and green tea, or Italian espresso coffee will warm the cockles of your heart.

Fast food outlets on the slopes of Bukovel

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