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Mykulychyn Village

The first records of Mykulychyn (or Mikulichin) have been been recorded in historical documentation dating back to the 15th century. Information on the village has existed since the ancient times, when Prince Danylo Halytskiy granted the neighbouring lands to Voyevoda Mykula. The village was subsequently named after him. Archeologists have found aretefacts in Mykulychyn made of copper and stone from the Stone Age. In accordance with the data of 1912, Tatariv and Vorokhta, which used to be the adjacent villages then, belonged to Mykulychyn.

The population of Mykulychyn is about five thousand people; its total area amounts to 15841 ha.

The famous Ukrainian writers Lesya Ukrayinka and Ivan Franko would spend their vacations here. As far back as the beginning of the 20th century, quite a number of villas and holiday homes appeared in Mykulychyn; and in 1901, Narodna Hostynnytsa, the first Ukrainian hotel was opened.

The residents call the village "The Valley of Winds", since it is a place of merging warm and cold air masses. Therefore, this countryside is characterized by a very specific climate. Mykulychyn is the longest village in Ukraine, and it stretches out within 16 000 ha.

Mykulychyn is located at a height of 600-800 m above sea level. There are several hills in its territory. Chertizh, located to the right of the Prut, Lyshniv (660 m), and Vorokhtyankyi Horb (693 m), located to the north-east. More than ten years ago, an oil deposit was discovered in Mykulychyn.

Today, there are still a lot of folk craftsmen in the village, such as woodcarvers, artists, and weavers

Mykulychyn village is about 12km away from the resort town of Yaremcha and about 18 kms from Bukovel.

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