snow skiing in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine
Ski Bukovel
snow boarding in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine

Bukovel Resort Ski Map

Bukovel Piste Ski Map

Degree Of Difficulty:
Blue Routes : Easy : For beginners
Red Routes : Medium : For intermediate
Black Routes : Difficult : For experts

Bukovel Ski Slope Rules and Etiquette

Dear skiers!

Downhill skiing demands awareness. Advanced skier’s speed while descending the slope can reach 100 km/hour. In the places of mass skiing inexperienced and undisciplined skier is the serious danger for the others.

We would like to draw your attention to the behavior rules on the ski trails of the TC “Bukovel”. Obeying the rules will help you to have an exciting and effective rest on our slopes.

First of all, personal safety is provided by means of using well-regulated bindings, having good technical and physical training, observing behavior rules on the trails, knowing the ways of the right fall. Skiers should take care of each other’s safety in crowded places and on ski trails. To achieve this, you should strictly obey behavior rules on the ski pistes of the TC “Bukovel”.

  • Descending and maneuvering speed on the trail should correspond to calisthenics and technical training of the skier.
  • The skier must control his/her speed and the outfit in accordance with the gradient of the slope, weather conditions and availability of obstacles.
  • If your ability is impaired through use of alcohol, drugs or other toxic substances you are categorically forbidden to be on the piste!
  • You should pass by the skier who is standing below, or the one who is moving slowly on the distance of at least 5 meters, using your voice to inform of your approaching. The skier who is moving on the right should be passed by on the left and on the contrary.
  • The skier who is descending the slope should choose the direction of his/her movement so that other skiers who are ahead of him should be sure in their safety.
  • Remember that if the collision takes place, to blame is the one who is above on the slope and controls the situation.
  • Remember that if the collision takes place, to blame is the one who is above you on the slope and controls the situation.
  • Before start crossing the slope, make sure that there is nobody descending from above. While crossing the slope, control its upper part. You must not cross the sport trails during the competitions.
  • Close overrunning of skiers and snowboarders is categorically forbidden, because it may result in injuring of the latter.
  • Do not stop at narrow parts of the piste and at places that are not visible from above, because the descending skier cannot see you.
  • If you fell down, you should stand up quickly and shift to the side of the slope.
  • If you ascent the trail on foot without using the lift, do it on the right side of the slope not obstructing downhill skiers.
  • In crowded places you should strictly obey posted signs ad warnings, instructions of rescue service officers and ski patrol.
  • It is forbidden to cross the handle tow lifts’ operation territory.
  • Every skier, who is involved in or witnesses an accident must remain at the scene and identify him/herself.
  • If an accident takes place, you must help the injured at once. If you are not experienced enough and do not know what to do, ask the rescue team officers, or lower station lift attendant to help.
  • Those who break the rules, representing a discomfort or a danger to other skiers, will get a warning or will be made go out of the slope without the right of further skiing.

    Obeying these rules will make your skiing safe and pleasant.

    Take care of yourself and others.


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