snow skiing in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine
Ski Bukovel
snow boarding in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine

Ski School at Bukovel

With their offices located right in the heart of Bukovel Ski Resort 'Bukovel Ski School' is ideally located to offer visitors snowskiing and snowboarding tuition by highly qualified and experienced ski instructors
Their very friendly and helpful instructors cater for every type of request and level of experience including -

* Children
* Individual beginner classes
*Individual experienced classes
*Group beginner classes (5 - 10 pupils)
*Group experienced classes

All of the instructors for downhill skiing and snowboarding are certified by the Association of Professional Ski Instructors Ukrainian ISIA

Ski School is booked direct on your arrival at the resort


* Ski Tours - No Ski School *

For those of you who are just after a great fun filled winter holiday without having any instruction, then we offer numerous tour packages. Please visit our 'Ski Tours and Holidays' section for further details.

Ski Bukovel ski school

A ski-school experience with us, Ski Bukovel, is an experience you will thoroughlly enjoy and something you will never forget.

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