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Vorokhta Village

Vorokhta is an extremely popular tourist destination in Ukraine, and is located in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. It is a relatively small town and its permanent population is estimated at approximately 5000, although, due to its popularity, there are many more people here during the year. It is situated on the banks of the Prut River and is surrounded by the most spectacular and breathtaking landscapes.

The picturesque town of Vorokhta was established during the 17th century and was recognized as a permanent settlement in the year 1960. It is believed that the town's name came from a talented and respected handyman named Vorokhta, who built the first house here for Vasyl Yanyuk in 1586. It is said that his talent was far reaching and many people came to him for advice on their own homes and any form of construction. The town consists mainly of free-standing wooden family homes and has all of the necessary amenities such as electricity, gas, shops, a disco, school, post office and a few bars. But is the fact that Vorokhta is located in one of Ukraine’s most spectacular national parks, that makes the town such a frequently visited destination in Ukraine.

Vorokhta Village

The Carpathian National Park enfolds the town with beautiful forests of conifer and beech trees and ensures that visitors breathe in the fresh, crisp mountain air with every breath. It was also the home to the Hutsuls once, an ethno-cultural group that inhabited the dense forests. Hikers spend hours in the park where they will find all that remains of the Hutsuls - a wooden church that was constructed in the year 1615. Many visitors make the short trip to the Hoverla trailhead, to climb the 2 061 meter mountain. It is not a difficult mountain climb and hikers can easily make the ascent. No grazing is allowed on the mountain and hikers are often spellbound by the endless pastures of green grass that dances in the gentle mountain breeze. Vorokhta is popular for another reason, skiing and winter sports. In winter, the Carpathian Mountains are transformed into a soft, white playground for snow skiing enthusiasts. Many Olympic athletes come to the town to train and enjoy the many cross-country events that take place here. One of the longest ski lifts here is two kilometers in length. Visitors should not forget to take note of the railroad bridge. This arched structure, made from stone, was built in 1894 and it just happens to be the biggest stone arched bridge in Europe.

Vorokhta is a town that is filled with adventure, fascination and beauty. Its river, mountains and many activities attract avid fishermen, hikers, skiers and nature lovers. It is a small piece of heaven surrounded by endless, breathtaking views.

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Vorokhta Store

Zamochok Nad Prutom Grocery Store Vorokhta Village

Zamochok Nad Prutom Grocery store is located in the centre of Vorokhta Village on the banks of the Prut River.

The store offers a wide range of provisions from food to drink

The opening hours are 0900 - 2200


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